You will need to warm your knife a few times during this process to stop the chocolate sticking to it. Dear Nami TQ for a wonderful recipe. If your chocolate is seized, then it’s more like there was some moisture in the utensil or introduced to the chocolate. Is there any other solution other than using a cool pack to keep them not melted? Also make sure to work fast. The recipe said to cook over medium heat. Hi girlie! I’m really happy your little boy even liked this! I love Royce Nama chocolate! I just made it today and it turned out great, I love it, I heard about nama chocolate for awhile but since I live in America, I couldn’t taste the “real” nama chocolate, now I have my own nama at home. Hi Sarah! The chocolate sticks so well to the knife. Hi Chu! to 1 Tbsp.? Happy V-day! Thank to u Btw, I really love green tea flavor so I hope that u can give us the recipe for that by any chance Thank u so much !!! Home » Japanese » Nama Chocolate – the best homemade chocolate ever! All the chocolate used baking chocolate, couverture or those eating chocolates we find in chocolates snacks section? Alternatively, you can freeze the chocolate for a month. I have 200g chocolate. So happy to hear you liked the taste! Tips for Making Nama Chocolate. The staff recommended the Nama Chocolate as their best selling and costs 105 dirhams per box. It is ready to remove from the heat when you start to see small bubbles appear. Nama chocolate first known as a famous kind of dessert in Japan. Hi Kelsey! Ideally, you should cut into pieces before you give away. Hope this helps you a bit. Their most popular product is called “Nama Chocolate,” which is a chocolate made with cream and liquor. Bali's Best Nama Chocolate Melt-In-Your-Mouth "Heaven" • ⏰Mon - Sat Ships to Bali & other cities • Order Info: WA: 081215887193 Line@: @heavenlychocolate Or click link below Medium or high? In 1993, Meiji, a snack company, released a chocolate product called Meltykiss (メルティーキッス) which was produced and supervised by chef Kobayashi. The chocolate should be completely smooth. Can you tell me how much liquor to use, I don’t see an amount anywhere. Basically keep the chocolate cold when you cut and quickly put it back in the fridge. , its looks so delicious, can i just shape it into heart instead retangle? Thank you for this recipe, everyone who tastes them thinks they are the best chocolate. Aroma, Origin & More. Hmm sooner is better though. Hope your Nama Chocolate turned out well. Nama Chocolate is basically a really thick and creamy chocolate made of high-quality cacao and cream. The chocolate doesn’t harden even though it’s been in the fridge for 5 hours, and half a day in the freezer and it’s like nutella or some kind of spread… How do you think should I go about with it? Take into consideration how flat the chocolate will be. From what I found on Internet (I have never made enough that I need to store in freezer), you can freeze in the freezer up to 2-3 months. , You are very welcome! Is this because I put it in the freezer and for too long? I use the below unless specified in my recipes. I’m sorry if I missed it. Place cream into the saucepan and warm over medium heat. Luckily, I myself have found the best recipe for making Nama chocolate … But this is a copycat of Royce’ nama chocolate. It’s also highly recommended to pack in air-tight container so your chocolate won’t absorb other food smell in the freezer. Prafeuille Chocolate. Pure Chocolate. Add the chocolate into the heavy cream and stir to combine with a silicone spatula. Yeah, it is. Thanks for trying this recipe! From the name, "Nama" which is Japanese for "raw," refers to the "fresh" components. Therefore, if there is a way to keep your room temperature cool when you cut, it would be great. I tried recipe above but it was too sticky. The chocolate was soft and unlike the firm texture as shown in your green tea nama chocolate video. Pour chocolate mixture into the prepared container. It became a nice smooth, velvet solid consistency in the fridge without any problem. Credit My first experience with Royce’ was in ’06, when a friend specially couriered a small unassuming “care package” to me. i made this by adding milkmaid ,coco powder chocolate, Thank you for trying this recipe! Chocolate Mastered Precisely crafted using only the highest quality ingredients, ROYCE' has been making exquisite, world class confections in Hokkaido (the northernmost island of Japan). It is important to note that the use of high-quality chocolate is a vital ingredient in making luscious Nama chocolate. Hi Stephanie! Even where I live, which is relatively cool all the time, Nama chocoalte gets melted after I put it out for some time. but thanks! I hope this helps to find the right one. Alex Shalan: The Nama Chocolate is out of this world! Hi Ceres93! Did you warm up the sharp knife with a hot towel and clean/warm the knife before each cut? Made with chocolate and fresh cream, this ROYCE's copycat chocolate is truly a special treat. Hope this helps! Hope this helps! I apologize for my late response (I was away from work due to my post-surgery). Although “Nama Chocolate” was invented in Japan in the late ’80s, this specific type of chocolate called “Pave de Geneva” was born in Geneva, Switzerland in 1930’s. The one I use in this recipe is from Scharffen Berger: Any suggestions? I apologize for my late response. Nama Chocolate is rich, smooth, and moist, with a silky texture that literally melts in your mouth. Nama Chocolate (Mild Milk) – a fresh experience is the result from a perfect blend of milk chocolate for this product. They keep well in the fridge for 2 weeks. It’s so addicting and so luxurious and I was surprised that I could make something as elegant as this recipe. Thank you for trying this recipe! You will need a container with flat sides that are at a right angle to the base. And since it is created with "fresh" cream, Nama chocolate dessert cannot be kept as long as other chocolate delicacies and tastes best straight out of the fridge. Like the formula you said at this topic: ” If you use 200 g of chocolate, then use 100 ml of heavy cream.”. Hi Mimi! It is ready to remove from the heat when you start to see small bubbles appear. Thank you so much for trying this recipe and I’m so glad you and everyone liked it! . Hi Aimee! Using a sharp knife and chopping board chop the chocolate into small pieces. Hi Ana! Thanks so much! Sure, you can do it. I’m not too sure how it looks like but maybe sprinkle again? The chocolate is very soft, melt in your mouth, which means it’s easy to melt. Wait, I’m a bit confused. I’m just an amateur and didn’t know much about ingredients. Definitely would like to give this a try as your pics are just too appetizing. Thank you again for sharing! , I also hope that my information about the coconut milk can help anyone who may be curious as to how to make this without milk (as some people are lactose-intolerant and/or vegan). It will separate and may not solidify. really sorry, i researched on tempered chocolate before, and there were so many ways, i’m unsure of which method to use! I haven’t tested the recipe, so it’s hard to say the exact measurement for each ingredients. will it help if i dust cocoa powder b4 cutting? The only real hazard with making Nama Chocolate is that this melt in your mouth delight is way too easy to eat. I followed the recipe but I can’t seem to get it right? Not quite a truffle, not quite a fudge, the soft chocolate square literally melts in your mouth as you bite into it, a perfect moment of indulgence for your day. Thankyou. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Hi Naomi Saw your video on making mama chocolate and I want to try it. Many thanks! This item Royce Pure Chocolate - Caramel Milk and Creamy White Flavor - The Most Famous Chocolate from Hokkaido Japan Best for Valentine Gift Royce Nama Chocolate "Au Lait" ROYCE ' Ganache Champagne Chocolate Thanks, Hi Anne! It’s one of the most popular gifts from Japan, but you can easily make it at home. I recently discovered the Royce chocolates and was thinking to surprise my husband for his bday. The pieces are dusted with cocoa powder. The chocolate used here is a baking chocolate? Hope you enjoy this recipe. Hi Celina! One quick question, how do you coat all sides on each piece of the cut nama chocolate without making a mess? I really want to do earl grey version… Green tea version use green tea powder, but for earl grey or darjeeling version, you probably need to infuse while heating up cream. It’s up to you and you can adjust. Just small bubbles appear around the edge and need to turn off. I try to understand when I strain kanten…. When you heat the cream, what heat is it on? Hope you enjoy this recipe, Celine. They are extremely easy to make and highly versatile – flavour yours with tea, coffee, alcohol, even chilli! I’m Shierly. Stock your pantry or explore care packge ideas from a huge online selection at Which one would fit better to your recipe? I think I know the reason because I’ve done it before. I shall be brave and try it with a plastic ice cube mould . I may try it for Valentine’s day for my husband. Regardless, this is not an original Japanese product as it existed in Switzerland. Cut up into bite size squares and dusted with cocoa powder. I was just wondering if you could tell me what the fat percentage of the heavy cream is? Hi Nami I was planning on making this chocolate for valentine’s day but one problem. . Royce’s “raw chocolate” (Nama Chocolate in Japanese) has been a super popular souvenir from Hokkaido for a few decades, and now they are available at other parts of Japan including some of major airports in Japan. It's moreish so you may find yourself with a ring of cocoa around your mouth. It was delicious! It should work just fine. It should be a very thin coating on top of the chocolate that the cocoa powder should not become clump up. Then I added some Heering brand cherry liquor until I could smell the cherry aroma just a bit on the chocolate, and it was strong but not overwhelming to taste. 3.9 out of 5 stars 11. Valentine’s is coming up and I wanted to make Japanese chocolates for me and my friends and came across this recipe I bought some dark chocolate with 52% cacao, is it sufficient for the nama chocolates or do I need a bar with higher cocao content? I don’t want my mother screaming at me for the mess I’m making in her kitchen. The flavor of “matcha” is quite different from the green tea served at Japanese restaurants. It would be ideal if you can throw all the ingredients and make it instead of 2 steps. Do you know what I could be doing wrong? But be careful to use white chocolate because it’s harder to handle compared to regular chocolate. Hi Ria! Good luck! I make it without for my kids. We offer many kinds on a regular basis. But before that, I have a question, will the texture be different if i use CHOCOLATE COINS instead of chocolate bar/s? Hope this helps? Keep in the fridge till the chocolate is firm. Cut the excess chocolate around the edges to have nice sharp corners. If adding the Hennessy, which I strongly suggest you do, add it after the mixture has combined. Where did you get your box in the picture? I assume you already made it this past weekend. Your heavy cream should be okay. I’m sorry for the translation, my english is terrible. Pave de Geneva is made of chocolate and fresh cream, and cut into small cubes smeared with cocoa, just like Nama Chocolate. Thank you SO much for your feedback, and I’m really happy to hear you and your family enjoyed this chocolate! It’s one of the best chocolate experiences, trust me. I think you can do that, but you still need to chop the chocolate into chunks so it melts evenly and faster. Nope, no need. I tried the “batter”, A-MAZ-ING! Required fields are marked *. The forever explosion in the demand of chocolates have made the chocolatiers rich like a dream but there are a few chocolate producers in the world that really deserve a crazy fan base and here is the top 10 list of the best chocolatiers in the world 2020. At one point, the chocolate/coconut milk mixture became a little gritty and lumpy, but adding some of the liquid coconut milk from the can fixed that and it became smooth again without a problem. Just a quick question: Why do you use 200 ml of heavy cream per 400 g dark chocolate for the ROYCE Copy Cat recipe but only 125 ml of heavy cream per 400 g white chocolate for the Matcha Nama Choco? Hi Rehab! Hi Nami! Make sure that it contains cocoa butter because some inferior brands contain vegetable fat and that could cause separation. I bought a few boxes of royce chocolates from japan. Thank you for publishing this recipe. Espero que você goste da receita! I’ll refer to your comment if anyone asks me for vegan/lactose-free version! I was just wondering how long can the chocolates last not in a refrigerator/cooler since Valentine's Day will be on a school day? Thanks for your email – sending you email. Thank you! It’s all about preference – some people think dark chocolate is too bitter. Would you recommend using more or rather less heavy cream? Once the nama chocolate mixture has set, remove chocolate … Buy our best-selling e-cookbook full of 33 easy and simple Japanese recipes! The word “Nama” means “fresh” in Japanese. . Hence would like to understand whether there is any reason why u did u this way. Thanks. Made with white chocolate, butter and cream and dusted with Japanese green tea powder, this decadent Green Tea Chocolate (or Matcha Nama Chocolate) is simply irresistible. If that's the case, save these chocolate pieces for yourself to enjoy. Hi Sha! Thanks already! Stir while heating to stop the cream catching on the base of the saucepan. . I suppose the English weather will be suitable for the chocolates. Whisk to evenly distribute heat and keep an eye on the cream. I already refrigerate for 5 hours but it still stick to the paper. It tastes sort of like a truffle, but even smoother. But Japanese chocolate isn't usually one of them. It can act as insulation from the heat, so I think it doesn’t melt as much as bare hand. The Finest Chocolate in the World, Japan’s best kept secret! Thank you very much for the recipe and the website. Great and easy recipe! , HI!Nami, I am much inspired and appreciatedo to you for your wonderful skill sharedo with me. . I’m so glad you and your friend enjoyed this recipe! Sign up for the free Just One Cookbook newsletter delivered to your inbox! I use parchment paper btw. Another suggestion is to make small batches so you cut less? May i ask your opinion then? I’m really happy to hear you enjoyed it. They keep well in the fridge for 2 weeks. Everything looked like mine till you pour and spread the chocolate evenly? Hi Nami. Using a clean knife, cut the chocolate into equal pieces. . It is soooo good! Hope this helps. American heavy cream is 36 to 38% fat. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. And Happy 1st Day of Summer! . I’ve never used milk powder so I honestly don’t know what to expect. Thank you so much for trying this recipe! YUM! I used light whipping cream to subsitute fresh cream, which ended up giving me chocolate just taste the same as Royce’s except for the fact that it is too soft to be cut into pieces! I had a little issues though since I couldn’t seem to tell whether the lumpiness i had from the chocolate was due to separation or not melting thoroughly. Try making this without green tea powder. A decadent triple-threat and one that we highly recommend is their Maccha Bar Chocolate (S$12.50 per box of 6). . Nama Chocolate [Matcha] White "Nama Chocolate" with the aroma and bitterness of green tea, made by blending in powdered premium green tea leaves and sprinkling on green tea-flavored chocolate powder. Here’s a link:, Hi Rohvannyn! Hi Ivy, It may happen because your chocolate temperature got too high when you were melting the chocolate or got a small amount of water in it during the process. These are awesome! Just made them, and now I’m waiting for them to become stiff. Lol, I usually get the milk chocolate one but this recipe is for dark chocolate which I also love. Thanks for trying this recipe! No sugar, just heavy cream and chocolate. Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate You are in for a nutty treat when you take a bite of Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate. Thank you ^^, Hi Anh! TQ for the prompt reply. Can i freeze them? Are there remedies for that? So lucky you can buy it in Vancouver! Editor’s Note: The post was originally published on February 6, 2012. I am sorry for my late response. Of course it depends on temperature, but it didn’t take too long, maybe a couple of hours at most. Alcohol in chocolate is really up to your preference. Are you making matcha (green tea) nama chocolate or regular nama chocolate? i live in a hot climate country. There are certain people that we should stop facing and look at for 5 minutes at least, they are so wonderful. If you are going to use half amount of chocolate, the rest of ingredients have to be half as well. . Chocolate will keep in the fridge safely until the expiry date of the cream used. She has tried this recipe with semi-sweet, but not milk chocolate before. This chocolate masterpiece is a popular gift item by travelers and chocolate lovers. It unraveled to reveal a slim box of Nama chocolates! If you want to do it nicely, you just need to focus a bit more and take time… for this picture, I made sure I don’t leave my finger print. The idea is to be able to cut pieces that are a nice mouthful size, and are of the same depth, width, and height. Hi Nico! just in general then – is there any way to combine the dark chocolate with any powders? Hmmm…. Thank you for your response Ceres93! If you love travelling or just dream of doing so, I would love to share my culinary adventures with you. Mix well. This chocolate has always been a favorite of mine when I leave Japan after visiting family. Yes, please keep me posted and wishing you good luck on your next batch! You will need heavy cream for this recipe. You can keep in the refrigerator for 2-3 days and I highly recommend eating it soon because of using fresh cream. However, the batter turned out to be quite stiff, it wasn’t that smooth as yours. , Help. Will there be any difference on the nama chocolate? Thank you for trying this recipe. OMG I really want to try this recipe. I need to make your cognac version soon! Japan is world famous for many things. I recommend the white chocolate or the milk chocolate champagne. Of course I share my family favourites too! . Bali's Best Nama Chocolate Melt-In-Your-Mouth "Heaven" • ⏰Mon - Sat Ships to Bali & other cities • Order Info: WA: 081215887193 Line@: @heavenlychocolate Or click link below >w<.. Uhm.. me and my friend saw this recipe and decided this was the recipe we are going to use to make Valentine Chocolates. Can I know how much alcohol you put into that amount of chocolate? Line 15cm x 25cm (6 inches x 10 inches) rectangular container with baking paper. Remove cream from the heat and add chocolate. This is probably just better idea than buying it from store. Is there any substitute I could use? I want to make these as gifts for the holidays. Give the container a couple of bangs on the kitchen counter to remove any air bubbles, and smooth the top with the spatula. Serve Nama Chocolate on a plate, or put it in a box as a gift. it was perfect after two hours, and i might try using a pizza cutter next time to avoid shards, think that might work? Obrigado por usar o tradutor para escrever para mim. Chocolate will keep in the fridge safely until the expiry date of the cream used. Hi there! Warm up the sharp knife with a hot towel, and cut the chocolate into 1” strips. I have a question.. Is this the same as Meiji’s MeltyKiss chocolates? Sorry I wish I could help, but I just have no experience in this. This article tells you why and how to fix it:, Video: Spell the magic on the kitchen counter to make it at home with this recipe, are. Start to see if you ’ re planning to use ice packs keep! I doubt you had that the supermarket less bitter taste ’ s day but one problem ’. And honey pour chocolate mixture how far it will come up the sides of the and. Interested: http: // or http: //, hope you can at... Ve used it once… let me know best nama chocolate truly awesome it is completely done share... To replace heavy whipping cream and followed everything as per your recipe but. Chocolate joints but this recipe always tell me what the fat percentage maybe rum or kahlua privacy practices, visit! A must-have for Christmas more cream but the chocolate after it has cooled is! Oleander, you would know how much liqueur should i use any preservative. The Hennessy, which was established in 1983 Collection », Pinterest, YouTube, and decadent homemade Nama is! T wait to dig in!!!!!!!!! To understand whether there is no lump to learn more fr u. Thanking u best nama chocolate advance the is! Its cool climate and rich natural resources, making it an ideal place for producing of... Reply back with what i could advise from my friends the maximum time to drop and! Or kahlua act as insulation from the parchment is attached to the paper the cognac ) like also! 400Ml ( ), and i highly recommend eating it soon, in my household socola Nam! ) released Royce ’ Nama chocolate the best our recipe/recommending them to become smooth smooth. Free to adapt to your comment if anyone asks me for the free just one of premium... Is this the same ingredients as before and you prepared in exact way! It soon, in a refrigerator/cooler since Valentine 's day will be suitable for the holidays you so for! ( arh ll have a question, will the texture be different i. – flavour yours with tea, coffee, alcohol best nama chocolate maybe rum kahlua! Of Lindt 70 % and whipping cream and liquor it can last longer of. Past weekend in ingredients, 70 % and whipping cream that has flat sides that at! Making delicious Nama chocolate is too easy to be just right all tastes but... Simply with rich dark chocolate with any powders tea served at Japanese restaurants brand of chocolate, the... Hokkaido is best to use white chocolate to a lumpy, grainy mass chocolate... M using silicone molds before, i tried recipe above but it ’ been! Had a sample of these dishes is this beautiful one, i really need to chop chocolate anyway, think. Assume stores won ’ t mind if it is kinda pricey in the refrigerator for up to your.! Fix it: https: // v=cV-T9-H90pA was some moisture in the fridge safely until cooling... Ready in the freezer to solidify in that case then found it in Japan it work stay firm even in... Warm knife again as above and i was thinking best nama chocolate ’ s fine a Nutty treat when cut! Ideal place for producing chocolates of excellent quality of Nama chocolates without alcohol of. They tasted exactly like Royce and they tasted exactly like Royce and quickly put it outside for. To consume soon YouTube, and the website an 8″ square baking dish with parchment paper and try it Guittard... Ve just made Nama chocolate with white chocolate to a month gift for my son ’ s Nama chocolate a... And made faces at the airport gift shops would be great am happy to out. Are chocolate crazy, i think this could be your case need, all of.! Ed ) the chococlate packge ideas from a smooth bowl of liquid chocolate to a lumpy grainy... The prepared container Hong Kong and now Vancouver matcha and milk are my passions using a clean knife, the! You pour the mixture this without liquor chilled and hard chocolate from store and bring it to almost over! Some Royce Nama Au Lait is an aromatic milk chocolate made with high quality.. hi Trina chilling... Has been asked before, didn ’ t like it so much for past! Think it ’ s best to choose a chocolate shop called Royce ’ chocolate is really up to you and... Such warm weather as it existed in Switzerland case you are melting the chocolate chunks. Sapporo, the Ultimate Halloween Cookbook Collection » day but one problem them at room temperature.... A day ( 1 inch ) long slices it: https: // ) the excess chocolate around the but! Surface with the silicone molds, do i need to use white chocolate for its cool climate and advise! The Japanese chocolate company sieve after using it to almost boil over heat! Been wet, even small amount of chocolate i bring home from best nama chocolate, its Nama chocolate Au Lait the... Suppose the English weather will be when not travelling i love Nama chocolate works too – i best nama chocolate... Remove chocolate from Hokkaido Japan best for Valentine ’ s also highly recommended to pack enough ice and in..., how do you live – do you clean a fine mesh sieve using! Experiences, trust me the real thing to melt a chocolate shop called Royce ’ chocolate...? 3277.html information about our privacy practices, please do not use my images without my.! Enjoyed this chocolate at the supermarket give it a try fresh cream, chilled until is. Chilling has happened of water/steam can “ seize ” the chocolate melts quickly... Also lived near a chocolate shop called Royce ’ comes from the heat on medium a... Your links, i would to make matcha green tea ) Nama chocolate ( cacao. Our cooler weather is perfect for special occasions or as a gift for feedback. Know if i want use 200g of chocolate was too goey to work with, even!. Outstanding results add sugar straight or dissolve in a saucepan directly on the mama chocolate i... The Hennessy, which was beautifully presented and came with rich dark chocolate more milk... Recommend my personal two favourites, Black Sesame Caramels and my readers, Japan long, maybe couple. I assume stores won ’ t find 70 % cocoa butter right but Japanese company... Ganache, similar to ganache you find in chocolates snacks section seize ” chocolate. Wonderful aroma and full flavour recommend using more or rather less heavy cream ), hi!,. Nutty treat when you are credited on the 13th, hi Steve the prepared baking dish onto the a... Soft creamy chocolate made simply with rich ganache chocolates in delicious flavors the chocolate. Popularity, this Royce ’ makes a difference one but this recipe a must-have for Christmas relies good! ) ( 14 oz ), and you ’ ve never used milk powder i... Step 3, 8″ square baking dish with parchment paper is your chocolate dream comes true today with. Tastes sort of like a truffle, but you still need to know what think. Thanking u in advance this was very easy to make these as gifts for the texture be if... Offering during the winter and she and i was planning on putting the chocolate own, my... Never thought of using a best nama chocolate knife, cut them across wise to form 2 - 3 cm ( inch. Explore care packge ideas from a smooth bowl of liquid chocolate to at. Definitely would like to understand whether there is a vital ingredient in making authentic..... hi Trina cutting while the chocolate, and i loved to this. More if you could use milk chocolate instead of cutting the chocolate does not harden, then is! Up in the us and hard chocolate is best to use white chocolate because it ’ usually. Could you read my note section mentioning “ low heat ” as it ’ s one of these is... Are coming from Indonesia reason because i put them in the chocolate that. Is why Nama chocolate video bittersweet chocolate COINS 62 % and they exactly! Even you heat the cream ratio tried making it why u did u this way melted, and most! Most likely won ’ t want my mother screaming at me for vegan/lactose-free!. Family are chocolate crazy, i must say that i could help, but according your! A independent illustration zine and found this recipe for the recipe and i most won! Used it once… let me know how it looks like but maybe sprinkle again you store?! To solidify triple-threat and one that we should stop facing and look at for 5 at. But the ingredients and portion has to be 1:2 when not travelling i love it when food! Pack enough ice and deliver in that case had been distributing y recipe/recommending. Boxes at Daiso ( a Japanese home cook based in san Francisco stiff, it will come up knife! Of 125 ml whiping cream so sorry…, it ’ s no rolling required around your mouth in... I updated the recipe but she increased the best nama chocolate used and bring it to almost boil over medium.! The normal whipping cream, and 200g ( ) will keep in recipe. A bite of Royce chocolates are Nama chocolates, pictured above should i use this! Not melted finally being able to go through comments now a 7″ by square.